Historically Inaccurate


Soledad β€œSol” Gutierrez is a diligent college student  who gets good grades and works hard. She wants to belong to her school and have something to add to her resume so she joins her schools history club since it aligns with her major. Though this club has some questionable initiation practices and is very secretive for a regular club Sol goes along with what they ask of her. 

During her initiation which is definitely questionable she meets a young man who she then sees everywhere. She has to explain herself and why she was doing what she was doing, this forces her to look internally at why she didn’t question them, all the while developing feelings for this person.

This whole time Sol is dealing with the deportation of her mother which she blames on herself and feels she has to care for her father which is why she chose this community college over being independent at a different school.  

I enjoyed this book! I belonged to a business fraternity in college and hazing is not allowed but you know you hear things. I still am active with my fraternity as an alumni and go to the national events all over the country so I definitely think they are worth joining. I mean I probably would’ve done anything they asked me lol it was business by day party at night. Well the alumni do that too. We even would go on trips to Tahoe in the Winter and do God knows what. Lol shhhh. So I totally relate to this experience. 

This cover is so pretty and I was half way through when I took the picture didn’t even get to the sunflower reference yet. ☺️ But Sol means sun so it would’ve fit regardless.

Thank you @wattpadbooks and @netgalley for the ARC for my honest review.


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