Jingle All The Way


Jingle All The Way                                     Debbie Macomber                                           Pub Date: October 13, 2020
ARC Review

Everly (Daisy) Lancaster is a driven ambitious entrepreneur taking most of the business responsibility in her start-up partnership with her college friend. After a mishap due to his niece who is her assistant, he suggests she go on a vacation. Which the niece also scheduled. What could go wrong?! I def would no questions asked go on a vacation that someone I tried to fire booked for me.Two flights later… She steps onto an Amazon river cruise with no excursions or relaxations in sight? Excuse me?! This would def happen to me. She immediately gets bit by a mosquito. Now let me tell you this happened to me in Venice but I got bit on both my hands and they swelled up to the size of Mickey Mouse gloves. It was painful, luckily no fever or sickness or handsome naturalist. But lots of benadryl and drooling on a bus. 

She was so high strung and stressed, and this two week “cruise” with no internet, phone or tv was not what she had in mind but it was what she needed.She had a few other hilarious yet dangerous episodes along her tour of the Amazon which led to her and the naturalist Asher getting closer. He was in Brazil and she was from Chicago so he didn’t even try, thinking it was a dead end, ouch. 

This is not your normal cozy snowy Christmas story until the end when she goes home to Indiana to see her family. It was refreshing being in a different part of the world where it’s hot in December.I love romance novels this was a quick cute sometimes heartbreaking but then heartlifting read. Some people put obstacles in the way of love because they are scared to get hurt while others love with their whole heart. 

Thank you Net Galley and Random House for the arc copy for my honest review 
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