Golden Fury


“The Stone chooses the last alchemist, but woe to whom it does not accept.”

Pub Date: Oct 13, 2020
Damn patriarchy! Women are still fighting for validation, equality and representation in the sciences. My daughter has wanted to be a Dr scientist since she was 3 yo trying to foster that with steam projects. And I’m so proud of our local UC Berkeley scientist who just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Thank you for giving my daughter more role models and creating doors for her to walk through. So it’s awesome when there’s female against odds characters written, especially in science, ok lol end scene.

Theosebeia Hope was raised to use her mind and work in the field of alchemy. Thea’s mom, is respected in their field due to some amazing weapons she produced but her life’s work is to create the Philosophers Stone. She treats Thea as an apprentice not as a daughter.

As a war is about to start Thea’s mother sends her to England to safety though once she’s there it seems like nothing but danger finds her. The knowledge that she gained right before she left France in creating the Philosophers Stone makes her a target.

The power, immortality, wealth, is wanted by many as Thea struggles to figure out who to trust. Her life is at stake, is she worthy to be the maker of the stone? Should she trust those she’s gone to for help?

This has some dark creepiness, some mad temporary insanity, torture, love, and lots of alchemy.

This book is hard to put down it moves quickly and I really enjoyed it!

Thank you Net Galley, St Martines Press and Wednesday Books for an arc for my honest review.


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