Bringing Down the Duke

“Darling..  I have only just begun to love you”

Swoon .. ok after I swooned 5 times I can actually write something.

QOTD: What’s the last book you swooned over?

Wow! Steamy, proper, steamy, proper, steamy, proper, way more steamy than I realized. Wow Sebastian, sorry the Duke of Montgomery. I loved seeing from his perspective. Usually in the historical romances we don’t get to see as much of the man’s viewpoint and why he is being so controlled and stoic when the inner turmoil is out of control. He was definitely holding on by a very thin thread.

I absolutely love historical romances about the ton but I don’t think I had listened to an audiobook of it yet. 

This was an absolute delight and as I was trying to listen to the particularly steamy parts my 3 yo would walk up and start talking to me. I would have to pause and rewind.  I might have gone back after listening to the whole thing to find those scenes again… 

I loved Annabelle our  feminist bluestocking country heroine who took down this one step down from a Prince gentleman. He really didn’t stand a chance with her. She was just what he needed.  

Is this a good time to remind everyone to exercise their right to vote? We as women didn’t always have it and those suffragettes suffered and toiled for our freedoms and rights today. So make sure to vote for your future and what you want our country to be like.

I can’t wait to listen or read the next book that is all over bookstagram, A Rogue of One’s Own. We get to see Lady Lucie and Lord Ballentine in this book and I can’t wait to see those two strong characters collide.


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