A Surprise Christmas Wedding

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

_________________________________ A Surprise Christmas Wedding Phillipa Ashley Avon Books Pub Date: October 19, 2020

Lottie is a hardworking event planner with a great relationship and her career is going great. Her partner Connor just proposed then suddenly 3 days later rescinds and moves out,  the day after her sister tells her she has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Ok this is the prologue to where we start the book basically.

A year later, her sister is hopefully in remission. She’s at a new estate as a wedding/event planner closer to her hometown. She also seems to be interested in the new groundskeeper, Jay and the feelings are mutual. They need a wedding before Christmas to get some revenue and in walks her former partner with a gorgeous young woman looking for a venue to get married quickly. Ok back up… what?! Oh they just hit it off after a month have moved in and after 6 months are getting married. But he lived with Lottie for 2 years and just bailed after proposing. (I get that people don’t fit but wow proposing after living together for 2 years is not sudden in my thinking.) He seems mortified that Lottie is the wedding planner but doesnt let on that he knows her other than childhood friends. And he just let’s the fiancee move ahead with this horrid plan or having his ex plan his wedding. I mean what worse hell could there be for the person broken up with? What will happen once his fiancee finds out who she really is?  I am halfway through the book which is usually when I start the reviews and I usually post what I have come up with since I can’t tell you how things have resolved, where’s the fun in that? Ok and I really can’t tell you anything past halfway you have to trust me its worth the read! Man it gets juicy! 

Jay seems to have a lot of messy family dynamics as well that are pretty horrible for him. Maybe Lottie and Jay can help each other move on and heal. Also, Jay looks like Jon Snow? Yes please!

Also, Edwardian parties, reindeer, snow, drunken sisters (that would have been me for sure!), and Christmas tree centers to say the least. 

Thank you Net Galley and Avon Books for the ARC copy for my honest review. 

PS I don’t have much xmas decorations available for pictures but this Naughty/Nice pillow and it is flipped to Naughty for you know who.


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