Jane in Love

QOTD: Would you time travel to change something or find your partner?
Jane in Love
Rachel Givney
Pub Date: 10/27/20
Time travel, true love, Jane Austen, aging movie starlets, the beautiful English countryside.

Jane Austen who was recently jilted in a marriage proposal follows the advice of a spinster in town and goes to London to meet with a matchmaker who turns out to give her a spell that takes her to her true love. That happens to reside in 2020.

Jane ends up backstage at a movie shoot and meets Sofia and then Fred. After lots of confusion on everyone’s parts they realize that she IS Jane Austen from 1803. After spending time with Fred she forms an attachment to him. But in the process she realizes the matchmakers’ riddle that she can either have love or have her writing she can’t have both.

Ok to not give too much away I will just point out this seems to be the neverending doom of women in working anywhere. You put the family on hold to work on your career then you are no longer the age to bear children but you have a great career. Or you have the family but don’t have the career you want. Why can’t we have both or all? 

It’s always been my dream to be a mother and I know not everyone wants that. I see posts of people upset that her life was defined by a man. Well honestly in 1803 that’s what they thought, and that’s how i’m sure she was treated as a spinster. Even now if you “never married” people feel bad for you.

Before I met my husband and I was in my late 20s my Aunt’s neighbor said “Oh you are the niece who never married?”  I just stared at her like wtf!

The author shows so many different types of women at different times of their life in different eras. All either supporting each other or reveling in their failure. As they say the more things change the more they stay the same. 

Sofia’s relationship was so toxic and just curdled my stomach. I loved how she developed and became more comfortable in her older elderly 36 yo skin 

Thank you Net Galley and Harper Vollins for the ARC copy for my voluntary and honest review.

#JaneinLove #NetGalley


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