The Switch

This book is a sweet Freaky Friday with a grandmother and granddaughter but they don’t switch bodies just abodes. Leena the granddaughter has been told to take a sabbatical and Eileen the grandmother wants to date again and there is no one in her small town that she is interested in. I loved Eileen and so do all the other characters. The voice of Eileen reminds me so much of my mother in law who I adore, who is also always working on volunteer projects and gossiping at her community pool in Florida (pre-COVID). Eileen is always writing in her project notebook and working on ambitious ideas to help people her age and her communities wherever she happens to be. We should all strive to be like Eileen.Leena is suffering over the loss of her sister from the year prior. Her mother and her are handling their grief differently and they are having the chance to heal together since they hadn’t been speaking to each other for different reasons. The pain and blame from misunderstandings and those who are left behind is staggering.Grief to me is waves in an ocean sometimes the waves are out and there’s no feeling there’s no pain, no memory of the loss. Then all of a sudden a wave comes and pulls at your legs and tries to pull you into the water and submerge you. To drown you in grief so severe and overwhelming you can’t breathe. The last three years have been like this for me since my Dad, my best friend, Brooklyn’s best friend and Papa passed.I love how taking a break from their lives and stepping into the others’ lives they found themselves. They were able to refresh and reset back to what was important in their lives. They were able to remove some toxic trash and add some value and harmony to their lives.
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟💫
Thank you @netgalley and @macmillanaudio for the audiobook for my voluntary honest review.


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