Aurora Burning

“I pause for a moment because I have a policy for never putting a chip a stranger gives me into my equipment unless… you know that whole sentence is a metaphor.” LMAO

Yasssd, the same cast for this audiobook! This one was just as great as the first book! There were so many feels, so much happening, so much yet to happen! I saw a graphic by horoscope sign on what you like in an audiobook and Aquarius was a full cast. And I would have to agree even Merlin, the glass had its own voice.

I was really enjoying our time with the Syldrathi this time around. We definitely learned more about Kal’s home life. We learn some interesting things from Saedii his sister who is just another person who is chasing Squad 312.

QOTD: Who do you think would play Kal in a movie?

We are still in the middle of a war with two ancient beings that are using the humanoid beings as their pawns. The fun part of this book is the constant strategy, tactical moves, sexual innuendo, action, banter, mistakes, captures, escapes, and 6/8 packs. I am a fan of the person to person POV just moving to each character especially when they are all in different areas of a battle/action plan. I like to know how the strategy is working or not working. That might not be for you. I also like that these characters were human and their thoughts while completing tasks strayed to childhood, emotions, thoughts on kissing, backstory essentially.

There’s a lot of interesting futurecasting (I don’t know what its called) that I love trying to figure out what horrid or blessed gift that the author will bestow on us. These characters in this book were tested to their limits some failed, some made mistakes, while others were challenged to their breaking point. As I was told we were left on a pretty hefty cliffhanger with all sorts of fun guessing which directions we will go from here. But with Squad 312 there is nothing for certain they keep you on your toes!

I feel like I have been giving a lot of 5 stars and honestly reviews and likes/loves of books are completely subjective. I am not too picky a reader as long as you give me some love and action lol. I tend to write my opinion in my blurb and hope if you are like minded as me you will probably like it and you might score the same. So yes this one was a 5🌟 for me!

I just want to say after hearing Zila’s backstory, I am a huge fan. She is stoic by nature and has been through extreme trauma but has found a family that was threatened near the end and her last words in the book just broke me. What she went through was just too much for a child to have to bear. A brilliant mathematician that likes use her stun gun, has a unexpected sense of humor and doesn’t know how to connect or is scared to get close because of what she lost. 


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