This is the second book in the Chronicles of Luxor Everstone. Luxor was Unveiled in the first book and after all the drama and heartache that she went through she doesn’t want to be close to anyone. She just wants space.I appreciated getting more of Astrid and Orion’s stories. Luxor’s father is still after her and she doesn’t know who to trust. Just as she gets close to someone she uncovers some untruth or betrayal, small or large that just chips away at her heart. 

Luxor wants to be able to control her powers and those around her are trying to help her but all sides aren’t truthful enough to be helpful. No one seems to understand what she is going through and is constantly making her out to be irrational. Typical teen behavior! 

The relationship between Hunter and Luxor developed and grew even more. I will cross my fingers for them! There might have been a wedge that someone tried to place in between them, ok maybe a few wedges. 

We get to meet some new characters and learn more about characters we met at the end of the first book. Some of the new characters have some cool abilities and very interesting personalities.

She was able to still go to school while investigating a bunch of stuff that was happening. Way better work ethic than I remember having with extracurriculars in high school. It is really hard to not give anything away! So many things happen in this book you have to read more than the beginning to really get into all the action. 

I was lucky enough to be able to read a partial early copy of this book but that doesn’t bias my opinion. 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Thank you The Next Step PR for the ARC copy for my voluntary and honest review. 


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