The Peculiar Fate of Holly Banks by Julie Valerie

This is the second book in the series. I have not read the first yet but it seems like you don’t need to read it first to understand the relationships. There is enough backstory and setup to introduce you to the Town of Primm and Holly’s life there. Though there seems like way more misadventures and peculiar happenings were going on in that book that you might want to check it out to find out the origin. There was so much happening in this book and seriously I can relate. The juggle is real!! I may not have the homeowners stress and Kindergartners wedding to plan. But there is so much pressure as a stay at home Mom trying to get back in the workforce in a new community. The stress of being a perfect mother, daughter, friend, wife, person, worker, etc. It’s so overwhelming. Sometimes it feels good to just accomplish being one of those in a day. Her new expensive house is having issues, there’s some health issues in the family, there’s a huge mystery in the town with some property rights with the town nearby that she gets thrown into. Her dog who keeps getting away from her ends up being the one that helps with this mystery. I totally feel Holly with the plumbing issues, in the last year we have had two freak water pipe issues where there have been leaks in our walls. The unit above us was being renovated and we had water coming through our light in our bathroom and a huge bubble over our vanity. I would’ve liked the what they gave her I think the rental office gave us a $50 gift card! This was definitely a non-stop adventure through a stage of rebirth in Holly’s life finding herself again, finding her art, creating a company, finding her center, being the Pinterest worthy mom (just kidding, that doesn’t exist).

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟💫
Thank you @netgalley and @lakeunionpublishing for the arc copy for my honest and voluntary review! 

A wife, mother, and aspiring filmmaker clings to the pursuit of perfection only to have fate play with every plan she’s made in this quirky, contemplative, and empowering novel.
Holly Banks is on a desperate mission to have it all, but nothing in life goes according to plan. She’s quickly learning that keeping up with the Joneses is a full-time job, especially when the women of Primm, her new neighborhood, seem to have it together all the time.
With her husband’s job in flux, her daughter’s difficulty with learning to read, and her mother’s new zest for dating, Holly’s life is already anything but picture perfect. Then her dog digs up an old artifact in the village center, and the mishap draws the attention of local media. Because of course it would.
Holly finds herself at the center of a mystery between two rival towns that, if solved, could change the Village of Primm forever. Attention is the last thing she needs as she’s launching a new business, the village-wide “Parade of Homes” is approaching—though she’s hardly unpacked—and she needs to submit her entry for an upcoming film festival. Can Holly still create her perfect (looking) life? Or is fate about to go off script and give her a story she never could have imagined?


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