#Rejected Goddesses by Natalie Watson and Nina Holmes

❄️Happy Pub Day!❄️
#Rejected Goddesses 
by Nina Holmes and Natalie Watson
A hilarious Rom Com & Chick lit holiday novella. 

Releasing today December 17! 

Robyn and Cat are two best friends who live in a small town and I love their quick back story to start off which was their bio on their blog that only their family followed.

Robyn is a struggling Baker trying to recreate her grandmothers success with the same shop and recipes.

Cat is back in town after a situation at her former employer resulting in both Robyn and Cat losing their jobs. Cat’s new job has a change in management to the bosses son who is quite hunky.

I just could not stop reading this and wanted it to keep going!! They were non-stop with their quick wit and were always getting into something.

The character development and story development was great considering this was a novella. I just loved Cat’s Italian family and their connections.

It was the text conversation for me! 😂

This or That:
⛸️Small town or City
❄️Chocolate cake or pumpkin pie
🎄Movie star lookalike or Hunky Business Mogul
✨ Dog or Cat


Thank you Natalie & Nina for an e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review!

🥥🍹 Ornament- this was from our last full family trip before my Dad passed. So weird since yesterday I was deleting old voice messages and I kept listening to ones from him and he was singing to me and pretending to be my mom. Ugh I miss my silly bff daddy. Can’t delete those! #hesthereasonimweird


“Every woman is a rejected goddess at some point in her life … but it’s okay to be rejected as long as you feel like a Goddess.”— Robyn Ryan and Cat Romano.

I’m Robyn Ryan.
I’m thirtyish and I’m a third-generation caffeinated Irish. I’m a journalist turned baker on the verge of bankruptcy. I’m a mommy to a dog with a huge attitude.
My personal life sucks.

I’m Catarina Romano, shortly Cat.
I’m thirtyish and I’m a third-generation fiery-tempered Italian with a nuclear explosive and overprotective family.
I’m a notorious male-basher. No wonder I’m single.
I’m also an author of the worstseller “Italian Connections.”

We are two best friends in a temporary rut of our lives in Mystic Oak, MA.

Can our ginormous dreams come true in the smallest town on earth?


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