The One She Needs by Marissa J Gramoll

Q: Do you enjoy sports romance?
The One She Needs
Marissa J Gramoll
I loved A Game Like Ours and this is the prequel novella/short story with Cody. Cody 😭 To be able to be inside Cody’s head, when all of his back story in the first book was memories was amazing.

He had so much pressure and responsibility to care for his younger siblings and to make it big as a baseball player-  collegiate then onto the MLB.

You can feel the deep emotions between Cody, Lexie and Bobby as they are grappling with such intense issues and emotions.

I love how detailed their town, school and family structures were just from this short look into their past.

There is so much unsaid and so many missed opportunities for these three, my heart aches more for them.

Before they were Suncastle Knights, they were Willardson High Wildcats.
Bobby wants what he can’t have.
Cody’s got what he doesn’t deserve.
Lexie’s not sure what to do with either one of them.
Is their friendship strong enough to withstand this love triangle?
Cody Jones is known for standing up his girlfriend. But prom will be different, right? 
When Bobby saves the day–yet again–Cody does the unthinkable. 
Will Lexie still love him after that display?
Find out in this heartwarming, emotionally gripping short story.

Thank you Marissa J Gramoll for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

You know I will always go visit the Suncastle Knights. I can’t wait till your next one!


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