Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Q: What is your favorite weather or weather event to watch from afar?
Right now we are experiencing a snowmageddon in CA and might get snow or sleet at sea level. Thanks Canada! 😊
Weather Girl
by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Pub Date : 1/11/21
I’ve seen this in everyone’s TBR or most anticipated for 2022. I hope you love it 😊

It was so vulnerable, sweet and funny. I hope this is the direction we are heading with love stories my favorite that I have read this year involved disability and mental health rep and I think it’s important. Everyone has some type of silent suffering and they deserve, as much as the rest of us to see what it looks like to be loved because of it.

We are all imperfect humans living in this world of perfection on Instagram, tv, magazines and that’s the same for Ari Abrams. Hiding her rain clouds behind this ray of sunshine smile and never letting anyone see the true her. She’s always been fascinated by weather and by Torrance Hale the local famous weather reporter. Now that she’s older and works under her and her ex-husband the news director. The workplace has become quite toxic. So Ari and her coworker Russ decide to try to get them back together.

Though Ari and Russell also might be trying to find an excuse to spend time together. Ari recently being dumped and Russell hasn’t dated in years. So many mental roadblocks. Do you ever doubt things are real or that people can handle you?

Once again I am always here to talk if you don’t feel like you have anyone to talk to. Masking makes it impossible for even the most observant to see if things are wrong. I can’t hide a thing on my face and I’m so dramatic that I want attention so I throw myself at everyone oops. Most of the time I push mute and stare off into my fictional world it’s safer there.

Thank you berkleyromance and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review. I hope it made sense I’ve been cleaning toys for hours.

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A TV meteorologist and a sports reporter scheme to reunite their divorced bosses with unforecasted results in this charming romantic comedy from the author of The Ex Talk.

Ari Abrams has always been fascinated by the weather, and she loves almost everything about her job as a TV meteorologist. Her boss, legendary Seattle weatherwoman Torrance Hale, is too distracted by her tempestuous relationship with her ex-husband, the station’s news director, to give Ari the mentorship she wants. Ari, who runs on sunshine and optimism, is at her wits’ end. The only person who seems to understand how she feels is sweet but reserved sports reporter Russell Barringer.

In the aftermath of a disastrous holiday party, Ari and Russell decide to team up to solve their bosses’ relationship issues. Between secret gifts and double dates, they start nudging their bosses back together. But their well-meaning meddling backfires when the real chemistry builds between Ari and Russell.

Working closely with Russell means allowing him to get to know parts of herself that Ari keeps hidden from everyone. Will he be able to embrace her dark clouds as well as her clear skies?


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