Tempting the Vicar by

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Tempting the Vicar
by Liana LeFey
Pub Date: 1/17/22
Sorry for the super late post as I finish another read and maybe another one tomorrow. The kids are staying in my Mom’s hotel room so I can read lol. I mean we went out for drinks and dinner but I don’t have to go to bed early. I will regret this tomorrow.

This is the second in the Wicked Waywards series.

I was so curious what Daniel was doing in London after reading what Devlin was up to in The Devil’s Own.  Especially how it ended he seemed kind of upset when the brothers met up again.

This is the other side of the historical romance twin swap. Daniel the Vicar goes to London to pretend to be his brother Devlin the business man but also serious rake. They couldn’t be more different. Devlin had a young lady quite adamant about a suit which Daniel is aware of but still takes him by surprise.

She was not what his brother led him to believe. Despite trying to get her not to like him it only made her devise her own plans to make him jealous.

Then of course the twin swap had to revealed eventually cause things got out of control.

I loved how Olivia was a bluestocking without it even being acknowledged. It was just her and her father they lost their mother early so she sat in all his business meetings and picked up everything and even did a lot of his business dealings with him. She was clever and smart. 

Thank you entangled_publishing and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

✨ We went to the Wharf in Monterey last night and had to get salt water taffy. Do you like it? There are so many flavors!!


After his twin brother pulls a foolish prank, Reverend Daniel Wayward’s life is now decidedly complicated. With his family, his parish, and even his reputation at risk, there’s only one way to avoid utter ruin—by swapping places with his rakish, wicked twin. And the second Daniel steps foot into his brother’s worldly and sinful life in London, he’s completely caught by temptation of the most enticing, green-eyed kind.

Miss Olivia St. Peters knows the son of the duke is a dangerous fellow, but something in those hooded, hungry blue eyes makes her blood sing with pleasure. She’s determined to have this Wayward noble, no matter what Society—or even her father—says about the match. And if that means playing with fire, she’ll gladly burn…

The more Daniel resists the oh-so-inviting charms of Olivia, the more determined she is to have him. Now he’s caught between his vows of faith and the lure of sweet temptation. And the only thing standing between his heart and his immortal soul is one unforgivable deception…


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