Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Q: Do you like to ski or do recreational snow stuff?
Count Your Lucky Stars
by Alexandria Bellefleur
Pub Date: 2/1/22
Thank you to all who voted for this to be my first read of 2022!

What a great way to start my year!

So happy to be back with this group of friends!

Margot is the best man/friend/person at a wedding for her friend and their wedding planner happens to be someone she knows.

This someone who was her best friend since kindergarten and after a weeklong fling in high school which meant something more to her they stopped talking.

Olivia, the wedding planner, has since married and divorced her high school love and thought about her friend and the love and lost since high school(I’m not talking about Brad). When Olivia needs a place to crash Margot offers her her spare room.

Um close proximity, major chemistry and so much history. This gets steamy fast! 

I love how deep in the feels these books get cause we all live in our feelings and are scared to upset the status quo if the other person isn’t looking for serious or doesn’t feel the same. But what if they are and do and you don’t say something?

Omg I loved all the ski scenes too. I’m Margot looking for the hot chocolate or hot toddy in the lodge. The last time I went skiing I fell getting off the ski lift trying to keep my 4 yo Brooklyn standing and got hit in the head with the ski lift, thank God for mandatory helmets or I could be dead. I was a couple weeks pregnant too. She had fun but I just feel out of control lol and don’t want to go fast. I like all my bones as is.

Thank you @avonbooks and @netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

✨Pic- Drinking a Drunken Egg Nog. It was very strong!


Following Written in the Stars and Hang the Moon, national bestselling author Alexandria Bellefleur pens another steamy queer rom-com about former best friends who might be each other’s second chance at love…

Margot Cooper doesn’t do relationships. She tried and it blew up in her face, so she’ll stick with casual hookups, thank you very much. But now her entire crew has found “the one” and she’s beginning to feel like a fifth wheel. And then fate (the heartless bitch) intervenes. While touring a wedding venue with her engaged friends, Margot comes face-to-face with Olivia Grant—her childhood friend, her first love, her first… well, everything. It’s been ten years, but the moment they lock eyes, Margot’s cold, dead heart thumps in her chest.

Olivia must be hallucinating. In the decade since she last saw Margot, her life hasn’t gone exactly as planned. At almost thirty, she’s been married… and divorced. However, a wedding planner job in Seattle means a fresh start and a chance to follow her dreams. Never in a million years did she expect her important new client’s Best Woman would be the one that got away.

When a series of unfortunate events leaves Olivia without a place to stay, Margot offers up her spare room because she’s a Very Good Person. Obviously. It has nothing to do with the fact that Olivia is as beautiful as ever and the sparks between them still make Margot tingle. As they spend time in close quarters, Margot starts to question her no-strings stance. Olivia is everything she’s ever wanted, but Margot let her in once and it ended in disaster. Will history repeat itself or should she count her lucky stars that she gets a second chance with her first love? 


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