Harmony by London Price

By London Price
Portland Symphony #2
Pub Date 3/29/22
Well I definitely enjoy relationships that have fiery tempers and start with two people that don’t appear to like each other but also can’t help but take peaks when the other isn’t looking. You know enemies to lovers. Also, teacher-student and nb/f. So many fun things that I don’t see enough.

I love Hillary, who we met in book #1 with her brother and her roommate’s romance. Her self-discovery through others’ comments at first which led her to ask questions about her neurodiversity had me wondering about mine or if I have some range. I do a lot of what she does but my husband said that I am fine, just maybe a hypochondriac, that’s hereditary from my Dad. It seems that there is a generation of women or people between 20-40 that went undiagnosed with neurodiversity and might benefit from speaking with someone. It doesn’t change anything about them but it might help to communicate to others about themselves. My problem is that I tend to listen to everything so I think I can’t shut things out. I hear everything so I tend to listen to audiobooks while I work or else my brain starts to cycle through every list that needs to be done until it’s finished. That sounds like something else but also minds are very complicated and interesting.
I loved Glenn. They were so thoughtful and caring and just everything. I loved that Hillary was so upset with them over the failing grade and having to wait a whole semester to retake the class. But she still admired their fashion sense and their tattoos. They offered to help and for her to go on the weekends to make up her work but she was just so angry with them. Well… anger.. sexual frustration… attraction.. lust.
That first time wow that was hot! 🔥🔥
Their attraction and chemistry was so magnetic and they were so combative and playful which fueled it higher.
I just loved these two! The fact that they were finding each other inside this relationship taking it slow and learning about each other. I love when a partner tries to discover your wants and desires and doesn’t assume and get frustrated you aren’t like everyone else. Every Body is different and we are constantly learning then add in THE one then you have to relearn everything you thought you knew cause everything feels new and more emotionally charged.
I can’t wait for the 3rd in the series! Reading the ending and the teaser in the back definitely excited!

Thank you to the author for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

You wanted a nemesis, Glenn Rasmussen? You got one.

I’ve already failed their pottery class once, and when they wouldn’t let me sign up for summer school, they officially went on my shit list. And that was before they ridiculously suggested that I might have ADHD.

Yes, I’m still staring at their tattoos in class, and yes, their sense of style is enviable, and yes, when I hear them play their bass, my soul leaves my body a little bit. But that doesn’t change anything; they’re still annoying AF.

Every attempt to be nice just ends up making things worse. I scraped together my first project and blew up my second one. My final project is still sitting on the wheel as the minutes tick down on our final class, and I don’t know how to finish the damn thing.

If I can’t pass this class, I’m screwed. If I can’t stay away from my instructor, I’m still screwed…but in a very different way.

If you like neurodiversity, bonding over thrift store fashion, and teacher-student without the power games, grab this steamy, queer romance now! This second book in the Portland Symphony series is best enjoyed in order, but can be read as a standalone. CW for mentions of transphobia regarding uniforms and past self-harm.


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