Belle Morte by Bella Higgin


✨Belle Morte✨
by Bella Higgin
Pub Date: 4/5/22
There’s only one way out

Ooo this was fun! I love vampires! Vampires are celebrities now and they live in manor houses with their paid living donors. Being a donor is a coveted position.

Renie has applied to be a donor to find out what happened to her sister who was living there and stopped writing letters.

A very handsome vampire Edmond starts to get close to her as she’s been asking questions. Things seem suspicious and they won’t tell her what happened or she thinks they are lying.

This was fun! It feels like an academy type book they are all living there, 30 donors for 22 vampires. They have a set time to be there and if they become addicted they have to leave.

The chemistry between Renie and Edmond is intense. But there are so many obstacles in their way and rules against it.

This had great pacing and kept me intrigued. I wanted to figure out the mystery and if she could solve the problem that happened.

❓ Do you like vampire books?

Thank you wattpadbooks for the gifted copy and the box. 


There’s only one way out

Belle Morte. One of five houses where vampires reside as celebrities and humans are paid to be their living donors. While others came here seeking fortune, I came in search of my sister who walked into Belle Morte five months ago . . . and never walked back out.

Now that I’m here, the secrets about this world have proven to be much bigger than I ever anticipated. And lurking around every corner are shocking insinuations of what happened to my sister.

There’s only one person who might have the answers I need, and the undeniable pull I feel toward him is terrifying: Edmond Dantès―a vampire, and my mortal enemy.

The harder I try to resist him, the further I fall under his spell. And in one instant my life is irrevocably changed. My past becomes prologue and my fate becomes sealed behind these doors.

Belle Morte has spoken. And it may never let me go.


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