Out of His League by Caroline Richardson


⚾Out of His League⚾
by Caroline Richardson
Pub Date – 4/5/22
A chance meeting at the airport between Gretchen a sommelier and Josh a MLB player. No matter that he happened to be her favorite player and he just got some bad news. She bought him cup of coffee and just gave him some conversation not acting like a fan and they were on the same flight and sat together and just kept finding reasons to see each other again. 

This was steamy and quick chemistry and I always love a baseball romance. I enjoyed going to Vegas and going out dancing and eating and going to ball games. 

This book got such mixed reviews and I read a bunch of them and I am not sure I agree with any of them or maybe I’m not picky about certain things. 

❓ Have you been to Vegas? 

I’ve been so many times. I even lost my Dad once and found him at a machine called Quackers that was an inside joke for a long time. Now my little one who I was making when he passed makes Duck jokes. Like I asked her what sound does a duck make and she yelled duck noises! Can’t wait to take her to Vegas in 17 years. 

Thank you wattpadbooks and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


Sometimes you’ve got to leave your heart on the field

Gretchen Harper has always been practical. Dependable, solid, predictable. She’s never taken risks, and she’s especially never bought coffee for gorgeous professional athletes in airports. That is, until she meets her favorite baseball player on the worst day of his career.

Being sent to the minor league is just the first of Joshua Malvern’s many worries—he’s got an injury that won’t heal and his entire career and future are on the line. When a beautiful woman offers him coffee, that simple kindness is exactly what he needs to lift him out of his funk. He asks her to join him in first class, not expecting to end up joining her in bed.

What starts as a one night stand ends up holding the promise for so much more. And while stepping out of her comfort zone has never been Gretchen’s style, for a chance at true love she’ll have to decide whether she’ll swing for the fences, even if it means striking out.


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