From Bad to Cursed by Lana Harper


From Bad to Cursed
by Lana Harper
Pub Date – 5/17/22
I loved the first in this series Payback’s a Witch that was about Emmy and Talia. The second book is about Talia’s sister Isidora.

This was an enemies to lovers romance which started with someone sabotaging the Beltane festival. Issa is asked to investigate with Rowan, her nemesis, who was at fault since it looked like it was her family.

It was so great being back in Thistle Grove. I love all the different families magic and it seems there is a hierarchy of the powers which is the best and which is the least. Which also might just be perceived and biased thinking.

After time spent together Isidora and Rowan, a Avramov and a Thorn learn a lot about eachother and can appreciate eachother’s magic. There is also 🥵🔥

So excited for Back in a Spell! 

âť“ Have you read a witchy book recently?

Thank you @berkleypub and @netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

✨ I’ve been so busy this week with work trying to get ready for a few days off. Hopefully everyone has something fun to look forward to!

✨ This building I walked by a few weeks ago looked very old and like it has history. It’s in Downtown San Jose. It’s actually an old post office next to the SJ museum of art.


Opposites attract in this wickedly charming rom-com by Lana Harper, author of Payback’s a Witch.

Wild child Isidora Avramov is a thrill chaser, adept demon summoner, and—despite the whole sexy-evil-sorceress vibe—also a cuddly animal lover. When she’s not designing costumes and new storylines for the Arcane Emporium’s haunted house, Issa’s nursing a secret, conflicted dream of ditching her family’s witchy business to become an indie fashion designer in her own right.

But when someone starts sabotaging the celebrations leading up to this year’s Beltane festival with dark, dangerous magic, a member of the rival Thorn family gets badly hurt—throwing immediate suspicion on the Avramovs. To clear the Avramov name and step up for her family when they need her the most, Issa agrees to serve as a co-investigator, helping none other than Rowan Thorn get to the bottom of things.

Rowan is the very definition of lawful good, so tragically noble and by-the-book he makes Issa’s teeth hurt. In accordance with their families’ complicated history, he and Issa have been archenemies for years and have grown to heartily loathe each other. But as the unlikely duo follow a perplexing trail of clues to a stunning conclusion, Issa and Rowan discover how little they really know each other… and stumble upon a maddening attraction that becomes harder to ignore by the day.


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