Feather and Flame by Livia Blackburne


Feather and Flame
The Queen’s Council #2
by Livia Blackburne
Pub Day – 6/14/22
This is the story after the Disney Mulan movie!

I love that story and this one was even better. As she is asked to be the Heir to the emperor and all the misogyny with the old ministers that she inherits with the title.

She still trusts and has a tender for Shang who helps her with her new role.

I loved her war committee. She really knows how to make an entrance especially when her ministers go all traitor on her and force her out. Uh uh I don’t think so.

There is a rich history of matriarchs and female warriors in China, the ancestors would not let them forget. 

She brought honor on the battlefield. Now comes a new kind of war…

The war is over. Now a renowned hero, Mulan spends her days in her home village, training a militia of female warriors. The peace is a welcome one, and she knows it must be protected.

When Shang arrives with an invitation to the Imperial City, Mulan’s relatively peaceful life is upended once more. The aging emperor decrees that Mulan will be his heir to the throne. Such unimagined power and responsibility terrifies her, but who can say no to the Emperor?

As Mulan ascends into the halls of power, it becomes clear that not everyone is on her side. Her ministers undermine her, and the Huns sense a weakness in the throne. When hints of treachery appear even amongst those she considers friends, Mulan has no idea whom she can trust.

But the Queen’s Council helps Mulan uncover her true destiny. With renewed strength and the wisdom of those that came before her, Mulan will own her power, save her country, and prove once again that, crown or helmet, she was always meant to lead. This fierce reimagining of the girl who became a warrior blends fairy-tale lore and real history with a Disney twist.

❓What are/did you having for dinner? 
We went out to Spinning Bones to celebrate our anniversary (sounds like a book title). Nine glorious years.
✨See pics for yummy dinner and I couldn’t decide with cover was prettier.

Thank you disneybooks and netgalley for the e-ARC and honest and voluntary review.


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