Pirate’s Protector by Lisa Kessler


🏴‍☠️Pirate’s Protector🏴‍☠️
by Lisa Kessler
Pub Date – 6/20/22
An immortal pirate and a mermaid, secret magical divisions of the government.

Stolen combs and long dead villains that reveal themselves.

Super steamy scenes! I had no idea that mermaids had O’s different than humans. I’m mer-curious. oh and he is a Jason Momoa type, 🥵

This is the 7th in the series but I didn’t feel lost. They told some stories that were from the previous books which made me curious to read about them.

🌊 prompt for June : Takes place by the sea 

❓ Do you like to swim?
I feel like I’m home in the water lol. I was on a team from 6th grade through college.

After two centuries as an immortal pirate, Duke Proctor figures he’s experienced pretty much everything. Which is exactly when he finds himself held at gunpoint…by a mermaid. But the exquisitely lush blonde—whose eyes are deeper than the sea—is here for a reason. Someone has stolen from her and she’s certain Duke is behind it.

Annika Mare knows for a fact that the Sea Dog’s crew has her comb. In the wrong hands, it places Annika under the control of whoever wields it. But the comb has been taken—and working with this unbelievably sexy human pirate to recover it poses an entirely different kind of threat.

Now these two immortals must find the thief, and fast. But there are other forces at work, bigger than Duke or Annika could possibly know. And a powerful artifact in the hands of evil isn’t nearly as dangerous as the sizzlingly-hot attraction that could engulf them both…

Thank you entangled_publishing and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


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