Nobody’s Princess by Erica Ridley

Nobody’s Princess (The Wild Wynchesters #3)

by Erica Ridley
Pub Date- 7/26/22 -out now!
This is the third in the The Wild Wynchester’s series. I love this found family. They are such an eclectic mix of personalities, skills and backgrounds.

Graham is a master of intelligence gathering and has been essential in both stories so far. I love him and his love language is definitely acts of service. I love his acrobatic background and how much he showed off for us in this book. Though his past is very traumatic like the others. They are lucky Vanderbean found them.

There are some coded messages and some visitors from Vanderbean’s home country, Balcovia.

Kunigunde de Heusch is visiting England to gather information so she could prove herself worthy as a Royal Guardsman.

Graham and Kunigunde are drawn to each other but have very different motivations. Graham’s obsession with royalty can be seen the wrong way. And Kunigunde needs to carry on her family’s legacy and be better than her brothers.

Also, loved the case they took on! They couldn’t get what they wanted the normal way so they went in as a team with their disguises. My favorite and helped those less fortunate.

❓ What’s your last read of this month? Can I finish two more? I will try but tomorrow is Exploratorium in SF.

Thank you readforeverpub and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


A fun and feminist Regency romp from a master of the genre hailed as “a delight” by Bridgerton author Julia Quinn.

Nothing happens in London without Graham Wynchester knowing. His massive collection of intelligence is invaluable to his family’s mission of aiding those most in need. So when he deciphers a series of coded messages in the scandal sheets, Graham’s convinced he must come to a royal’s rescue. But his quarry turns out not to be a princess at all… The captivating Kunigunde de Heusch is anything but a damsel in distress, and the last thing she wants is Graham’s help.

All her life, Kuni trained alongside the fiercest Royal Guardsmen in her family, secretly planning to become her country’s first Royal Guardswoman. This mission in London is a chance to prove herself worthy without help from a man, not even one as devilishly handsome as Graham. To her surprise, Graham believes in her dream as much as she does, which makes it harder to resist kissing him…and falling in love. But how can she risk her heart if her future lies an ocean away?


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