American Fever by Dur e Aziz Amna

American Fever: A Novel

American Fever
by Dur e Aziz Amna
Pub Date – 8/16/22- Out Now!
Hira is in an exchange program and as I’m just starting this book.. Her experience is going as well as you can imagine for 2011. I’m hoping for some good experiences but as great as this country can be it can do a lot better with welcoming people from other countries and religions. Being fearful of a religion that billions of people practice cause a radical group of them are horrible is insane. It’s like being scared of Christianity cause of the KKK.

I feel so bad that she has to cook and clean for herself cause her house mom is a single mom. I mean rude you signed up for the job.

It’s true though we have so many chores, I wish having household help was an affordable thing, like daily cook and clean etc.

This book is definitely already outlining the huge differences in the cultures represented. And I’m getting second hand embarrassment for how she is being treated cause she deserves better than that. Like a house family that can use Google and be prepared for her arrival.

❓ What is your least favorite chore?
Anything to do with the bathroom. I defer to my husband shhh I’m horrible at that type of cleaning. My house growing up was spotless and I never saw my mom clean now that I think of it how did she do that. I’m going to have to talk to her.

On a year-long exchange program in rural Oregon, a Pakistani student, sixteen-year-old Hira, must swap Kashmiri chai for volleyball practice and try to understand why everyone around her seems to dislike Obama.  A skeptically witty narrator, Hira finds herself stuck between worlds. The experience is memorable for reasons both good and bad; a first kiss, new friends, racism, Islamophobia, homesickness. Along the way Hira starts to feel increasingly unwell until she begins coughing up blood, and receives a diagnosis of tuberculosis, pushing her into quarantine and turning her newly established home away from home upside down.

Thank you skyhorsepublishing and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


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