Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club by Roselle Lim

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Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club

Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club
by Roselle Lim
Pub Date – 8/16/22
I adored the magic of this book in the threads that Sophie can see between those she matchmakes. I loved the clients she finds and how she gets them together.

But I did not like her mother which you aren’t supposed to. I get that some parents are strict and harsh and sometimes it’s cultural but usually it’s for a well meaning reason. This woman was gaslighting, demeaning, selfish, cruel and demoralizing with no chance of redemption. Some people play the victim as they victimize all of those around them. And her father was an enabler. I think I got anxiety whenever her mom popped up just cause she wasn’t defending herself and just taking it trying to be the good daughter. But nothing she did was enough and she couldn’t give enough. She just wanted to be loved.

But in her matchmaking she made a community and a found family to replace the one she didn’t have.

The sweet romances and these chances at love so late in life are my favorite. It’s never too late to try something new, to learn new hobbies, to fall in love for the first or last time.

❓ Do you believe in matchmaking? There is an art to it and different paths.
I definitely do. 

Newly minted professional matchmaker Sophie Go has returned to Toronto, her hometown, after spending three years in Shanghai. Her job is made quite difficult, however, when she is revealed as a fraud—she never actually graduated from matchmaking school. In a competitive market like Toronto, no one wants to take a chance on an inexperienced and unaccredited matchmaker, and soon Sophie becomes an outcast.

In dire search of clients, Sophie stumbles upon a secret club within her condo complex: the Old Ducks, seven septuagenarian Chinese bachelors who never found love. Somehow, she convinces them to hire her, but her matchmaking skills are put to the test as she learns the depths of loneliness, heartbreak, and love by attempting to make the hardest matches of her life.

Thank you berkleyromance and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


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