Mini Reviews – Christmas Holi(Gays)

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Season of Love

Mini Reviews – Christmas Holi(Gays)
[So many queer holiday books this season! So happy!]
Seasons of Love 
By Helena Greer
Pub Date: 10/11/22

“I’d be offended if that wasn’t the exact vibe I’d been cultivating.”

“I don’t think we’re put on this Earth to spend time with people who are shitty to us, just because we are kin.”

This was just the cutest in so many ways but there were so many deep and hard topics as well. A social media influencer and a lumber jane enemies to lovers at a Christmas tree farm run by a quirky Jewish woman. Well her passing is the reason the influencer is back and she meets this thic woman.

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You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince
by Timothy Janovsky
Pub Date: 10/4/22

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You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince (Boy Meets Boy)

Matthew Prince is a spoiled rich boy, def a Prince. He’s gotten into a PR disaster and to lay low and to teach him a lesson his parents sent him to his grandparents house.

He has been cut off and has to share a room with a student that lives with them, Hector. He’s miserable.

Hector is very attractive and they start at enemies to lovers that turns into friends to lovers as they both plan a gala in town. Matthew is trying to show he’s learned his lesson.

There is great mental health rep for anxiety and Hector is very supportive with it.

I read that someone compared Matthew to David Rose and I could totally see that.

Thank you @sourcebookscasa for the e-ARC

❓Are you starting any holiday reading next now or  next month?


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