Cinderella Masquerade by LaQuette

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Cinderella Masquerade: A Western Opposites Attract Romance

Cinderella Masquerade
A Western Opposites Attract Romance
by LaQuette
Pub Date – 10/25/22
The Texas Cattleman’s Club series has a new addition by LaQuette. All of these books are written by different romance authors. I just read Vanessa Jared’s Got a Man and was excited to see her name on this book.

This was the Cinderella book I needed this week. With the brainy doctor whose friend dresses her up for a masquerade ball where one of the Lattimore’s takes notice. He can’t stop thinking about her after she drops an earring and when he realizes that his Queen is unassuming Zanai he wants to spend time with her. She isn’t the debutante her family and their set want her to be, she’s a therapist for neurodivergent youth in the low income area of her community. And omg it’s like she’s a social pariah. Instead of being proud of her they are disgusted by that. Ugh some people are just trash.

Love how she removes the toxicity from her life once she realizes that she can survive without it. Also, we can all survive without those toxic people in our lives. 

If anyone ever needs to talk, my DMs are always open.

❓Does your significant other buy clothes based on if you would like them?
I told my husband about the gray sweatpants (iykyk) and the next day he had a pair. Yesterday he told me he got something at target and my jaw dropped on the floor. OMG he’s getting daring lol.

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One dance. One kiss.

One unexpected twist.

After a stunning makeover, Dr. Zanai James barely recognizes herself. The reserved, no-nonsense therapist even dared to kiss rancher Jayden Lattimore in the middle of the dance floor. Though a mask had hidden her identity, Jayden tracks down his mysterious Cinderella, claiming he can’t forget her. But Zanai isn’t sure about the motives of a dashing man like Jayden, who’s never looked twice at her before. With their meddling families causing all kinds of trouble, will Zanai finally go after what she really wants?

Thank you harlequinbooks and netgalley for the e-aRC for my honest and voluntary review.


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