The Gentleman’s Book of Vices by Jess Everlee

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The Gentleman’s Book of Vices: A Gay Victorian Historical Romance

The Gentleman’s Book of Vices
A Gay Victorian Historical Romance
by Jess Everlee
Pub Date – 11/29/22
Just loved this book! Charlie and Miles were so perfect for eachother. 

Charlie trying to blend into the hetero society by marrying but is not happy with it despite his cheerful front. Miles has become a recluse after a traumatic event with his partner and values his privacy due to the controversial books he writes under a pseudonym.

I was rooting for these two! In that time though their relationships had to remain private frustratingly. If they could even have one without being found out.

Love is love and really should be at the discretion of each individual. Still don’t understand how people’s personal relationships effect others.

✨ The closest I could get to historical mm when I searched was Bridgerton but sex club and love is love in Victorian England feels like their parties.

❓ This or that
Turkey or Prime Rib
Mashed Potato or Stuffing
Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie
Snow or warm weather

Is their real-life love story doomed to be a tragedy, or can they rewrite the ending?

London, 1883

Finely dressed and finely drunk, Charlie Price is a man dedicated to his vices. Chief among them is his explicit novel collection, though his impending marriage to a woman he can’t love will force his carefully curated collection into hiding.

Before it does, Charlie is determined to have one last hurrah: meeting his favorite author in person.

Miles Montague is more gifted as a smut writer than a shopkeep and uses his royalties to keep his flagging bookstore afloat. So when a cheerful dandy appears out of the mist with Miles’s highly secret pen name on his pretty lips, Miles assumes the worst. But Charlie Price is no blackmailer; he’s Miles’s biggest fan.

A scribbled signature on a worn book page sets off an affair as scorching as anything Miles has ever written. But Miles is clinging to a troubled past, while Charlie’s future has spun entirely out of his control…

Thank you harlequinbooks and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

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