The Belles



“You have to decide for yourself. It is you who must live with the outcome.”

I am late to the party on this book. But after listening to everyone list this series as their inspiration to write and listening to a panel with Dhonielle at #Bookcon last month, I knew I had to read/listen. Luckily the audiobook was available and Everlasting Rose is also available!
Camellia Beauregard – what magical world she lives in!? But it’s not magic, sorry it’s her natural arcana. I read in an article that she modeled the world after New Orleans, France and Japan drawing their fashion and beauty cultures. You can definitely see those being swirled together to create this world. I also was fascinated by magazines and cutting out pictures of what I liked and pasting them back together having the ability to do that physically is a lot of power The greying skin was disgusting and so odd and August was on to something why wasn’t anyone trying to cure them? But I see where she would get offended since her and her sisters were there to help albeit quite brutally. Wow I loved this! I wish I could do all sorts of things with my arcana but it seems like it can easily be changed with moods and if you are threatened. It started so pretty and ethereal but nothing is ever as it seems.  So many secrets everywhere, so many nasty people!

Uh what’s up with Sophia? Someone hold my earrings.


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