There’s Something About Sweetie

Rating: 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

🌸This story is so delightful and refreshing! After a few chapters I was smitten with Ashish and Sweetie.  (I love how this picture turned out, my girls helped me with the flowers and my husband made the mango lassi! Had to have one in picture for Sweetie. I got in trouble for not asking to use my daughters jewelry boxes, so many rules!)
As a “big boned” girl who has struggled with weight her whole life I felt Sweetie’s struggles. Like her I was fine with myself until someone told me I shouldn’t be. It’s hard to listen to well-meaning people and family who think they are looking out for your health. She is a very fast runner – she is doing major cardio daily. I am pretty sure she’s in better shape than any of them are even though they are skinny. By the way muscle weighs more than fat! 😉 

Ash is so delightfully awkward in his interactions with Sweetie especially since he is the attractive hottie you’d expect to be super confident it’s so endearing.  She catches him by surprise and he just can’t get enough of her.  Thank you Sassy Sweetie Project! 😉  We all need an encouraging campaign for ourselves to prove our naysayers wrong!

“Kissing her was the solution to world peace.” How cute is he?

“If the word “fat” makes you cringe, I hope you’ll stop and examine why that is. What do you think when you see the word “thin”? My guess is nothing, or at least, nothing bad. So then, is there anything inherently wrong with being fat? Or have we just been conditioned to see the words “worthless” or “lazy” or “bad” instead of “fat”?”

I am a sucker for a sweet love story and this just made me smile the whole time.  I listened to the audiobook and loved hearing Sweetie’s inner monologue then Ash’s. Laughing when he sees her in a coffee shop and notices he’s wearing a Pikachu shirt. Oh I miss high school crushes and real first loves!
I can’t wait for Ten Things I Hate About Pinky!  Samir and Pinky were dynamic characters that really didn’t get along so can’t wait to see their story! I need to listen/read When Dimple Met Rishi too to complete my foray through the Dimpleverse! Another BookCon author I watched on a panel this year.  I’m glad I listened in that Saturday I was definitely missing out on a lot of books!


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