Sex and Vanity

Rating: 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Thank you @netgalley and @doubleday for the opportunity to read this book! The cover alone had me drooling and after the success of his past books I was eager to devour this book. Though once I got to Chpt 2 I realized something I recognized this story. I had to Google to be sure. Charlotte and Lucie complaining that you must have a view on your first visit toΒ fill in the blank.Β  Oh, we have a view take our room! Wait what? This is loosely based off my childhood favorite Helena Bonham Carter movie that I watched all the time with my mom and giggled at the bathing scene in the pond (if you’ve seen it you know what I mean). I adored Room with a View, now that version was decidely extremely English and proper well as proper as George was, the scamp.

George and Lucie were my favorite romance growing up and this gives them a whole new layer of romance that stuffy 1908 Britain/Italy couldn’t. I couldn’t be more pleased with this book!
This book didn’t disappoint me. I couldn’t put it down!Β 

This book has gotten mixed reviews and I have seen but not read Crazy Rich Asians so I can’t really compare writing styles. This does hold the same plot points as the original RWAV but it has very different details about the super rich that I am for sure not privvy to. I found it entertaining and correlated them all to the original storyline. I can see how Charlotte was trying to protect Lucie’s reputation that’s what old money does. There is a big difference between old and new money and WASPs and everyone else. This did talk about a lot of that which is very relevant. People with old money don’t want to share it, flaunt it, or use it. People with new money want to show it, wear it, flaunt it, and use it. 

It was a self discovery for Lucie realizing that her families views of her did not have to dictate her life or be her views. She could write her own story, live her own life!Β  She was refusing George and her Chinese heritage to please her family until she realized she didn’t have to. She was pretty hard on him but he could see through all of them into her true self. She just needed a huge push.Β 

The story takes place at a wedding in Capri than a few years later in The Hamptons.

Thank you for the ARC for an honest review!!


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