Opium and Absinthe


Book Review
A fast paced, mystery, sleuth, possibly vampiric, gothic novel. I read through this one pretty quickly and enjoyed the world created complete with intense patriarchal structure and substance abuse. Though at the time the substances were over the counter and pushed heavily by certain males to control. I was having a hard time figuring out who did it, since they all seemed like they were hiding secrets though some secrets ended up not being as nefarious as murder. I enjoyed Tillie’s coming into her own rather clumsily through her fog of opiod abuse due to a extremely horrible bone break to her clavicle. This kind of addiciton is common even now. The inner workings of the effects of drugs are fascinating as she tried to parse out fact from fiction in her sisters death. We weren’t sure who to trust and who was shining her on to get to her money since she was the sole heiress to her family’s fortune and to her Grandmama’s chagrin she was a complete bluestocking. Her goals to have an occupation and become a journalist were not encouraged, except by one.

I recommend this to those who enjoy a fun mystery through gothic England with intrigue and speculation around vampires. This may not be for you if you are triggered by substance abuse involving opium, heroin, morphine, alcohol… they apparently sold heroin in tablets in the beginning. Those poor hysterical women needed to be controlled. I am so happy I live right now I would def be in a womans asylum for speaking my mind, profanity, etc.

By the way my favorite quarantine drink has been the Monkey Gland cocktail which is orange juice, grenadine and a splash of absinthe #stgeorgespirits #stgeorgespiritsabsinthe And I found my grandmothers cocktail book with another absinthe cocktail. Enjoy!

Favorite Quote – Words to Live by – Thanks Ian – β€œDon’t give up before you try. Defeat is particularly lethal early on in any journey; don’t let it be your compass.”


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