Permenant Record

Book Review ~
“Nothing that is a manifestation of your creative energies is stupid… Doing nothing is the only stupid.”  


This book was pretty real in its day to day descriptions of the ups and downs experienced by numerous characters. With technology giving us instant gratification sometimes the hard work that others do isn’t seen when all you see is their successes. You don’t see the day to day grind they put in, to get what they want. 

I enjoyed the silly, flirty relationship between Lee and Pablo. Her life which seemed so glamorous but was a cage of her own making. Celebrity just seems so lonely – you can’t go out without being mobbed, you have no private life, or your private life is made up to sell magazines, you don’t get to explore the places you go to because you are there for work.Though I keep thinking they might be able to go unnoticed with masks these days. 

This story was focused around Pablo who is making a lot of horrible decisions in the beginnings of his adult life and is already under water. I liked getting to watch him realize however rude and angsty he started off as he realized that the world will not be handed to him on a silver platter and nothing is easy. That is a lesson a lot of us learn some early some later in life. Some just know and work really hard while others watch them as they make it look “easy” and wait for it to fall in their lap.  

It didn’t end in the way I would have wanted to but it ended in a more realistic way than usually happens. Well if you consider closure realistic lol not many people get that much in relationships. The cover is so cool too!! 

I related to these quotes:

“To this day I have no inkling as to what I care about the most. I care about everything equally until I care about so many things I get overwhelmed and care about nothing at all.”  


“Thinking about what’s happening in the inside of your head while you’re thinking about the inside of your head is exactly what I don’t need to think about when I’m by myself. Man, I hate having me for company.”  


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