The Shadows


Super creepy, thriller, I am not a scary movie person but I will listen to some podcasts that talk about ghost stories and true crime (COUGH) #atwwdpodcast (I’m still so embarrassed about what I did at the Meet and Greet in SF in February! I have apologized to my husband and think he’s forgotten) But I digress, I don’t like to watch scary images because they go into my dreams and I have the most vivid dreams and like this story which has a very fascinating cult of lucid dreamers, I am very aware in my dreams. I have always been able to do what I want in them ever since that one recurring dream in the barn with the dark… ok jeez I think I can ramble about dreams forever. But I am one of those people that has dream snippets of the future I guess – Is that the definition of Deja Vu?Β 

In this story we follow through the memories of a boy to a grown man and a detective through a grisly cultish type murder from 25 years ago to a copycat now. The effects of what this murder had on these people, town and the mystery had on people currently through conspiracy theories on the internet. 

I would honestly never sleep again if I had friends like these! And move as far away from those woods as possible! Or maybe I’m the type to run upstairs from the killer, who knows?!  

I got full body chills a few times while listening to this book. I thought I knew who the victim was in the first chapter but didn’t really know until near the end of the book.  It ripped my heart up and I’m pretty devastated. 

Monsters and nightmares are they real or are they planted into our subconscious to influence us. I am fairly certain that the scary killer in this story is exactly what mine would have done if that happened in our family (cryptic but it would be a spoilerΒ otherwise). Grief can do horrible things and can rationalize anything in the moment.Β 


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