Seven Crowns ARC


Seven Crowns ARC
Release date: July 31, 2020

This book hit all the young adult/teen boxes for me! Strong empowered young woman, tough childhood but makes her stronger, love interest but that’s not the story, she has to save something important to the family she didn’t know she had, there’s an elite royal school for the gifted (ok that’s just cool!), leaves you in a resolved place but wanting to read more and know more about this world!

We meet Ana as she’s working in a diner, a 16 year old foster child who just lost her mother and has been separated from her brothers.  Then gets dramatically pulled by an interesting cast of characters into a spaceship that takes her to her home planet. (Ok can someone take me to a different planet right now?!?)

She discovers her mother was from an important family that led one of the seven council seats of Bellaton and she has been in constant danger since she left Earth.  One of the families does not want her to live but which one?  Each family has special supernatural gifts and specialities in specific fields such as military, influence, plants, healing…

Ana befriends some kids from the other families which then leads to two of her new guy friends challenging each other as befits their military family. Their innocent war game turns into a Hunger Games scenario when someone tampers with a dome set in a exotic location.

The Academy for Royals she attends and town it is nestled in is built out nicely and I would like to share her dormitory since she’s basically an orphan in this new world and she does not know who to trust. 

Can Ana prove herself to the council and come into her gifts? I can’t wait to find out!

Book 1 can’t wait for Book 2!!

Thank you @evelina.everest for the ARC for the honest review!


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